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Cybe securty vulnerbiity
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Cyber Security & Vulnerability Testing

Web and Network Vulnerability Testing for Business

Vulnerability testing for commercial websites

What When and How often should you check your IT security ?
Vulnerability assessment will give you a good picture of your organization’s overall IT security health. Your assessment results will help you detect, prevent and resolve security issues before they are exploited. Your IT security should be checked quarterly, or especially after a new system or equipment is introduced to your IT infrastructure.

Risk-based Approach

While you are busy handling business, hackers are busy looking for your security holes. Some hacks to extract data, hacks for ransom, and some hacks for fun. Each organization has different security weakness and vulnerabilities depending on the business structure and these need to be assessed using a risk-based approach. Online scans can run a quick passive check, but they are not going to be able to uncover future risks, rank them, prioritize and recommend the most appropriate remedies fit for your organization. How is it done?Your website and network security are assessed by our IT security engineers and your vulnerability Assessment report will be presented along with suggested countermeasures as necessary.

For Web Analysis we check for 

Vulnerabilities against attacks such as :

  • SQL injection 

  • Cross-site scripring (XSS)

  • HTTP header injection

  • OS command injection

  • Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF)

  • Directoty traversal

What happnes if you ignore to protect

We did WHAT?
Thomson Reuters saw something they didn’t write on their website. Reuters’s website had older, more vulnerable version of a software running on it. So, a hacker thought it would be fun to hack the website and upload politically charged news blog to confuse the world.

Your setting …cost 100 million customer data breach
In 2019 Capital One credit card exposed 100 million customer data. Capital One concluded “an outside individual gained unauthorized access” but some speculate to blame a mistake in a “setting” that allowed unauthorized access.

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